Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

A wedding day is the culmination of many months of planning, saving, and careful execution. It is never easy to find the right kind of dress, venue, caterer, flowers, and of course the person that will document that very special day.

Weddings actually pass by really fast. The bride and the groom can get swept away with their emotions that they may not be able to take everything in. This is where expert photographers come in to save the day. Photos can last a lifetime and they are a great way to look back and reminisce. This is why it is super important to get a photographer that knows what they are doing!

How can you tell that they are actually good? Before you type in “wedding photographer Edinburgh” (or wherever you want your wedding at) in your search field, you should familiarize yourself with tips and tricks so that you can give proper direction.

Check out these wedding photography tricks and you might just be surprised at the results:

1. Build a “Shot” Checklist

photography checklist

This is one of the easiest things to do. Make a list of the types and kinds of shots that you would like the wedding photographer to take of the event. If you are not all that familiar with the types of shots you’d like, you can go research online. You can look up ideas on Pinterest.

Take note of what sorts of shots you think you’d like to try out and list them down. Slowly abut steadily build your shot checklist so that you will be able to discuss it further with your chosen wedding photographer.

When it’s still early, it is important to manage your expectations versus the creative styling of your photographer. It would be good to find a photographer that is able to provide samples that is close to your checklist.

2. Natural Lighting Is Your Friend

Natural light photography

If there was anything that we should have learned from the 90s it is that unnatural lighting can make photos look like mug shots. When it comes to your wedding day photos, make use of natural lighting while it is there.

Breezy looking shots are often achieved by angling the person just right or the photographer being at the right spot to make sure the shot will drink the light just right. This is particularly true when it comes to the sunset. A lot of the most romantic looking shots are taken when the sun is about to set.

Make sure that the photographer you get knows how to work the sunset. Check for examples in their portfolio. Remember, sunsets are fast so you should not waste your time.

3.  Incorporate the Venue

photography venue

Venues in places like Edinburgh have pretty spectacular sights. When you do your ocular inspection of the venue of your wedding, it would be good for you to take note of spots that you would like to be showcased in your wedding photos.

Note these down and make sure that you take a thorough tour of the venue. This way, you can really scope out all the good areas. Also, be sure that you bring this up with your photographer.

4. Get Down and Dirty

This isn’t anything inappropriate, of course! Sometimes the best shots will require that you (or the photographer) should get down unto your belly. In order to get the shots that incorporate reflections on water, photographers often make use of existing puddles. In rustic weddings that incorporate barns and whatnot, the area isn’t exactly 100% clean.

Good photographers are ready to wade into mud and muck to secure the best sort of photographs for their clients. Yes, that is actually a thing. This is why really good photographers are worth the price tag that they put on their services.

5. Prioritize the Bride

wedding bride

They always say that a wedding day has a star: the bride. She puts herself up on display, spends thousands of pounds on her dress, her hair, and her makeup. Of course, she deserves the attention! The photographer must know to prioritize the bride.

Solo shots of the bride are a must for any wedding. Dreamy photos of the bride are obtained when the photographer takes time to get to know her. Make sure that the photographer knows:

  • Your likes
  • Your dislikes
  • Your best angles
  • Your dress

Truly dreamy photos often incorporate the dress. The veil, the train, and the accessories of the dress should all play a part at helping the bride realize her full potential.

6. Silence is Golden for Equipment

camera trigger

Be clear on this from the get-go. Any photography equipment should not make any sound during the event. If you are planning on fully documenting the big day, there will be videographers on site as well. The last thing that they need is to have the clicking of cameras.

Early on, have a clear talk with your photographer. Make sure that the equipment they have is silent.

7. Beauty Is In the Details

wedding couple

Really good shots do not just involve smiling faces and posing. They also incorporate the little things that add drama and emotion to the big day. We’re talking about the rings, shoes; even the simple acts of the bride writing her wedding vows can yield some pretty great opportunities for timeless photographs.

Let your photographer know that you would like them to catch the small details of your big day. If you are concerned about your photos looking like everyone else’s brain storm with your photographer to see the depths of their creativity and your own.

8. Be Bold

wedding colour

Use colors in your wedding day. Use props. You would be surprised at how lovely umbrellas can look in photographs. Consider the color scheme and theme of your wedding to make sure that the props that you will use match. Props can also be used to help diffuse flash and outside lights.

9. Conclusion

There are so many different ways that you can get amazing photos on your wedding day. Always remember the tips we’ve laid out above and make sure that you get the wedding photographer that is a best fit for your vision and desires.

Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind
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A wedding day is the culmination of many months of planning, saving, and careful execution.
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