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Creative photography ideas

As a photographer, it’s highly important that you have an excellent creativity skill when it comes to taking a picture or simply editing the image as well. Experimenting with different settings or environment can naturally enhance your images. To help you think outside the box, we’ve come up with some few suggestions below.

Night lights

Night lights can easily add a mesmerising touch to an image. Some ideas you can use for night time would be taking a shot of some city scenes with a light post on the side. Even using the moonlight in an outdoor image can simply have a different effect on your photography.

Special effects

If you want to increase the quality of your image or simply add some effects toy our pictures, you can use a photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. Photographers tend to use photoshop to enhance their image or to add some interesting effects to their photographs.


Using a macrolens, you can take some amazing close up pictures of anything. They are often used to take images of small things by zooming in and capturing every detail of the subject. Some ideas would be taking a close up shot of small insects or flowers.


Why not give astrophotography a shot? You can take a shot of some bizarre images of the outer space simply by hooking up your DSLR to a telescope. We’re not talking about a real telescope; you will need an adapter and a lens that is suitable for this type of photography. You can start with taking a picture of the moon.

Still life

Even a simple object can create a beautiful image. Still, life photography can also help with understanding lighting and composition. Start with a bowl of fruit, a lamp and a window.

How to Shoot Action and Sports Photographs

If you’re tasked with taking snaps of exciting action, like at a sporting event for example, you’ll need to adapt your photography style accordingly as well as invest in the right equipment from the outset. Through a combination of the right tools, the right knowledge and plenty of practice, you should be able to gradually master the art of sports photography.


Understanding the main challenge posed by action photography starts with understanding the principles of shutter lag, or processor lag. Between pressing the button to take a photo and the actual image being captured, there will be a certain delay on most cameras. When it comes to capturing pictures of fast-paced and dynamic events like a sports game, you’ll probably find that shutter lag is responsible for ruining many of your best shots.

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Get Creative With Your Digital Photography

shotRegardless of the level of camera you’re using, technique can make a huge difference. A seasoned photographer shooting on an iPhone can probably take much more spectacular photos than a complete novice using an expensive professional camera. It all comes down to knowing your craft, and if you’re starting at the beginning, here are some basic tips to point you in the right direction.

canonTell the story

Your sequence of final shots should really tell a tale from beginning to end. You won’t want to look back at your pictures and find they’re mostly focused on a single moment. Whatever is happening with your subjects, make sure you convey it.

Capture people’s expressions

When you’re trying to capture memorable pictures, it’s not all about the action that’s happening. What you’ll want to remember in the future (and what will make for the most impressive shots) will be the faces of your subjects and how you manage to capture the emotion of the moment.

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