5 Surefire Tips to Stunning Canvas Prints


Canvas prints have become a contemporary means to decorating living rooms and other sitting places around the world. A canvas print is a print reproduction of artwork or a photo on canvas. The designs and patterns used in the creation of the prints, project an art gallery effect creating a good depth of perception. Their elegance provides a viewing pleasure to the onlooker. Canvas prints can be printed digitally or traditionally. But what does it take to create an impressive piece of print reproduction? This article will provide five Surefire Tips to Stunning Canvas Prints.

Tips to stunning canvas prints

surf· The first and most important part is to research on these types of artwork especially if you are new to them. It may get a little bit confusing when choices of different styles are presented to you. Therefore, do your homework so that you may get a rough idea of what canvas prints is about. For further clarification, the representatives of the company will accommodate all your questions regarding canvas prints. They will guide you through the whole process and help you make a decision that will suit your needs.

· Now that you know what canvas prints entail, it is your duty to select the best photo. If you want a perfect print, select the best photo. By best, it means that the photo has to be sharp and be able to reflect the true color. Choose a photo with a high resolution because shrinking it will look better than enlarging a photo of low resolution. The requirement of photos for most labs is 150ppi (pixels per inch). If you cannot find a photo with these qualities, do not be disappointed, you can always take a new photo with a camera that has advanced features.

· After selecting your photo, it is recommended that you do a photo touch up. It doesn’t matter whether the photo is almost perfect; it may have something that may require enhancements. The company processing your order can do this for you for a fee or free. It is advised that you manipulate the photo for yourself especially if you have image touchups experience and knowledge. This is because you are in charge of deciding how you want your photo to look like on the canvas. No other person can create a better version of the photo than you.

horse· Positioning the photos carefully is another important tip. When setting your images on the canvas company’s online ordering system, align the photos properly especially if you are using gallery wraps. In gallery wraps, the photo is adjusted to extend through the edges of the canvas. In other cases, the canvas is coiled around a stretcher bar and attached securely to the back of the wood frame. The devices used to fasten the canvas cannot be seen hence, it gives you the option of having a frameless canvas print. Non gallery wraps use frames. Emphasis is placed on gallery wraps to make sure that you do not crop or trim your photo unintentionally.

· The last and important thing is to preview your image before ordering. This is to correct any mistakes that may have been made during enhancement of the photo. Previewing ensures that your image is processed just as you want it to be, no more, no less.

There are many reasons as to why canvas prints are chosen to make amazing artworks. It may be for personalizing your home or office. It may also be presented as a gift. For whatever reason, following these tips will create canvas prints that will make a statement.